Style with Substance (SWS) is a company with a mission to further sustainability in the fashion industry. We do this by investing in innovative technologies, connecting these technologies to brands and designers, and then by promoting these socially responsible companies. Stacey Fruitman, the principle of the company, has always had a passion for innovation, with a focus on making a positive impact in society.

In 2007, while leading corporate marketing initiatives at Tridel, Canada’s largest condominium developer, Stacey launched and produced the Eco-Suite. Stacey wanted to generate more excitement about living green by focusing on ‘style’. With the help of designer, Andrea Kantelberg, and Green expert, Lauren Gropper, they created a high design, beautifully styled Eco-Suite to grab the attention and imagination of a more mainstream audience. Over 30 promotional partners came together, and the Eco-suite garnered National publicity and was filmed by the New York Times and featured on Jet blue TV.

The goal of style with substance is to create strategic partnerships with the investment, innovation and fashion communities to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The focus is on supporting Canadian technologies for Canadian and global brands, along with aligning global technologies to Canadian brands. 

Stacey has an HBA from Western University (London, Ontario) and an MBA from ESSEC (Paris, France) in Luxury Brand Management, and has recently become certified as Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner (CSR-P) by the Centre of Sustainability and Excellence. Stacey was also on the Board of Directors for Canada’s only not-for-profit supporting Sustainable fashion, Fashion Takes Action.

We welcome you to follow-us on our social media channels and our website posts to hear more about amazing designers, brands and companies that we feel have Style with Substance.

Promote Your Products

Please send us information about your brand and products. We are looking for socially responsible companies that create beautiful designs…designs that we feel our market would certainly love to support. If we feel there is an opportunity to work together, we will do our best to promote via our website, social media and live events.

Investing in technologies

We are looking to invest in innovative technologies that specifically reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. These would typically be early-stage companies that may help with reducing waste, creating new fabric technologies or developing more efficient manufacturing processes.

CSR Consulting

We will work with companies that have a need to better develop their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Let us know if you are looking for guidance in CSR strategy and planning, non-profit partnerships or collaborations, or CSR/ Sustainability report generation.