Style with Substance (SWS) Ventures

Style with Substance (SWS) Ventures is the investing arm of Style with Substance.  We invest in innovative businesses that help reduce the environmental impact of the textile, apparel and lifestyle industry. 

We believe in the investment of both the entrepreneur and the product/ service “I see it as 50/50, the product will likely transition but the people…they are the consistent factor. After focusing in the Sustainable Fashion sector since 2015, I have met many entrepreneurs and gravitate towards those that demonstrate both drive and the determination to build a business while making a difference. They have an openness to evolve, have the willingness to collaborate, and the passion to drive change in this industry.”

If you are looking to invest in this sector, please let’s connect and work together.

If you are an entrepreneur, we are happy to hear from you, please contact us (you will need to add your email address in the contact form “comment” section). This is the criteria we are looking for:  

  1. Impact – demonstrating impact and profit potential
  2. Industry – fashion, textile, apparel, lifestyle
  3. Type of company – innovation or technology solution
  4. Stage of company – typically entry stage or potentially idea stage
  5. People – proven entrepreneurs, passion, work ethic, commitment to growth while being sustainably consious, and collaborative
Please visit the Style with Substance (SWS) Ventures website at